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    I’m building most websites based on WP + Genesis + Dynamik + BeaverBuilder. It’s a combination with which I can build almost everything without hiring a programmer. The combination of the framework, de child themes and BeaverBuilder is also capable of building almost every type of site without hacking your way through the code or adding tons of plugins to your site. The complete setup is quite lightweight and fast.

    My last project was (in Dutch but you probably can guess what it’s about) a site for

    The ordering of the courses is done by Gravity Forms and a plugin for a (dutch) payment gateway.

    De site performs very well in Europe on a shared host, even with 1900px wide header pictures it’s fast:

    Pingdom speedtest.

    Some specs:

    • Self hosted webfont
    • Gravity Forms
    • Full width design with some tweaks for mobile use
    • WP rocket caching plugin
    • Yoast SEO

    Feature request:

    On I’m using a callout and I would love to have the ability to put the link in the DIV so the full field is clickable.


    Billy Young

    Hey Deskman,

    That’s a great looking site, thanks for sharing! The color scheme is interesting, but works really well in my opinion. 🙂


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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