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    At the moment I´m “developing” a module for beaver builder. This idea came up because i needed to create card based design with some flexibility. I started with using classes that changed appearance on a regular text editor but found it hard for editors to use it / know what classes existed.

    This module lets you add a padding to a text editor, select background color/image and a photo above it. Its quite simple actually. Im posting it here to see if people would find it useful as im finding it. If it is something people want you guys at beaver builder might want to include it in the builder and that would be just fine 🙂 It might need some developer touch to it though (im a front end designer and not a developer)

    If there is some interest in this module i´ll just put it on my public github.



    Billy Young

    Hey Martin,

    That is neat, great work! I’m pretty sure we’d love to take a look at it as well as other developers! Thanks again!



    Robby McCullough

    That’s awesome! I believe I know one of our users that specifically asked for this type of functionality. Please do throw this up on your GitHub if you don’t mind. Great work!



    Thanks! Cool too see that some other people have asked for something like this 🙂 It has been really fun to work with the module settings and to create a custom module. I have so many ideas on modules you can make with it..but as I mentioned I’m not a developer and some tweaks/feedback are welcome! Feel free to do whatever you like with it / i wouldnt mind if you included something similar in the builder.

    However this module would be kind of obselete if similar settings were available on some of the existing modules like callout and text editor. This is basically the text editor module with a style tab. The perk with this would be the photo setting but could be merged into callout module maybe.


    Robby McCullough

    Martin, I took a quick peak at your code and it looks great! I will be sure to refer people to your GitHub page when they ask for this functionality. Thanks again!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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