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    Jason Pelker

    Moldman Homepage

    Moldman Kansas City

    I was able to redesign this entire website in three hours using Page Builder and Automator. I can’t tell you how happy both the client and I were to make these changes.

    I love your plugin (and theme). It’s the best thing that’s ever happen to my WordPress career–seriously. Going forward, I’m going to be using these tools for every single one of my clients.


    Justin Busa

    Hey Jason,

    Thanks for sharing! That site looks clean! It’s nice to see a solid example of these tools in action from someone other than us. Keep it up! 🙂



    Robby McCullough

    That’s awesome Jason! I completely agree with Justin, it’s really cool to see someone else’s builder creations. Such a neat feeling. Keep up the good work!


    Jason Pelker

    Guys, I’m going to be building dozens of sites with Automator and Page Builder. I love these tools so much. I’ll certainly keep you updated when more sites are up and running!

    P.S. My clients love their new sites, too–both design and the ability to make their own small edits. And I love that they love their sites 🙂 Thank you!



    I’d like to echo the thumbs up above. Fastline is definitely one of the best, fastest and most elegant solutions out there. Dare I say it, THE best. I can still see a place for Genesis Dynamik, but for my custom sites in future I think Fastline is gonna be it. I’ll post up the site (my personal blog) I just did in separate post.



    Jason, GREAT looking site! I agree, the conversion from other themes seems to be pretty easy and fun.

    I am working on a couple of conversions from Dynamik right now, and so far, I am loving Beaver Builder.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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