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    Hi. 45 minutes ago I re-upped my Pro Subscription.
    My 2 main WP sites will now not update.
    Re-entering the Subscription Key does not help – “Updates Unavailable”. Also,
    My Downloads are not available in my Profile as they used to be – only the Alpha. Also,
    There is nowhere [any more] I can find which Domains I have active. And,
    I have logged out and back in.
    And yes, I tire of the constant WP Software dance. My shoes are almost worn out and both my stamina and tolerance wane with age. My time is also more valuable & less of it is available for this never-ending, frequently unbillable and unnecessary Software dance.
    How does this get fixed within 60 seconds please. It just shouldn’t be this difficult.
    Also, fyi, this site is painfully slow. Not unusable but, like me, certainly not spry and youthful.
    Thank you.


    Billy Young

    Hey There,

    Yes, we are working through some technical things with the site at the moment, so, apologies for any inconvenience there. Would you mind shooting us a note direct so we can take this via email? We can be reached via hello[at]wpbeaverbuilder[dot]com. Thanks in advance!




    Same with me, I sent you a mail!!


    Billy Young

    Hey Guys,

    Sorry about the issues here! We had to temporarily disable subscription checking, but everything is back to normal now. Go ahead and refresh, clear any caching, etc. and you should be good to go. Also, if you are still getting the error, make sure to login to your account on our site and make sure the domain is active where you are trying to use the license.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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