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    So, I’m on a plane returning from a visit with my Dad in Charlotte NC. Towards the end of the flight I start chit-chatting with the guy next to me. “You have all the requisite gadgets so I assume you’re a tech guy like me.” I say. He smiles and just nods.

    Yeah, we’re both web guys, his name is Robby and he works for a company that makes a little plugin called Beaver Builder. Hmmm… That’s funny I think. I was looking at that plugin a while back. Anyway we yap a bit about life in the valley, he gives me a beaver sticker and we go on our merry ways.

    I stopped doing websites way back, but I promised my ex that I would set her up with a WordPress site so she could make updates. So, on a sunny Saturday in Silicon Valley, I set up the site, installed the plugin, walked her through the basics and Bam! She did it!

    I’m very proud of her. Yeah, we’re still great friends. Check out her site:

    Thanks Robby. Great work!

    Preview of site made with Beaver Builder


    Robby McCullough

    Hey Josh! That’s awesome. Thanks for stopping by and sharing. I still want to see your website builder, too. 🙂

    Any more travel plans coming up? I am heading to New Orleans next week!!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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